Hot oil dryouts

Transformer Oil With

High Moisture Content

Hot oil is circulated through the

customers transformer while under

vacuum. The combination of the heat  

from the hot oil and the vacuum will

cause the moisture in the insulation to

flash off and dry the transformer. A cold

trap will be utilized if needed.


Changing Insulating Oil

When a customer has decided it's time for

an oil change, Trans-Utility will remove the

contaminated oil and replenish with new

or reclaimed oil of acceptable quality using 

vacuum filling process.


Our Staff collectively brings many years of experience with the highest degree of expertise to ensure your projects are done properly and on time. Getting the right people at your job site can make a world of difference, from basic scheduling to working with other contractors.

When you choose us as a contractor, Trans-Utility has you covered. Our employees take pride in satisfying our customers. We taylor our services to better help the customer and keep the job on schedule.



Cleaning Transformer Oil

Degasification removes harmful water

and gases from the transformer oil.

It is a very important  part of transformer

preventative  maintenance. Moisture and

gases decrease the dielectric strength as

well  as the leading cause of premature

paper degradation.


Here at Trans-Utility  Services, safety is no accident. Our employees are carefully selected and trained professionals. All employees undergo extensive training and daily tool box safety meetings are required on every job!

We are committed to protecting our workers, clients, public and the environment at all costs.



By planning project work efficiently, the overall project scheduling milestones can be maximized. As an organization with the ability to undertake all means and methods of oil processing, we feel well qualified to develop Work Plans offering the best compromise between schedule, safety and budget considerations.


Trans-Utility carefully considers all aspects of the facility where work is to be performed, as well as the surrounding site conditions and environmental considerations, when determining our procedures and approach. All plans and project schedules are developed with close interaction between all parties involved, including the owners, general contractors, and consultants, as applicable.

Thermal cleaning

Cleaning Oil Using Fuller's Earth Treatment

Trans-Utility utilizes a portable Fuller's

Earth filter system designed for

regenerating and filtering the deteriorated

transformer oil. Treating the oil using this

method greatly improves the dissipation

factor (Tano), absorbed total acid value,

and discoloration. Sludge and particulate will

be removed by means of special filter media. 


All of Trans-Utility's  mobile equipment is self-sufficient, providing its own self contained power using fuel-efficient, low noise, diesel powered generators.


Our team of experienced operators understand how to process your transformer insulating  oil. 

Vacuum filling

New and Used Transformers When

Commissioned or Drained For Repairs

The principal function of vacuum filling is

to remove trapped air and moisture from

the insulation and enable the insulation to

attain its full dielectric strength. Heating

of the core and coils may be required at

lower ambient temperatures.

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• Vacuum Field-Filling
• LTC maintenance
• Re-Gasket
• Oil Analysis
• Decommissioning
• Oil Disposal 

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