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Every Trans-Utility project, large or small, is engineered for safety, both for the workforce and the general public. Project planning and safety engineering must be backed up by a well-trained and safety conscious workforce.


Trans-Utility Services has stressed that training and safety issues are to receive the highest priority. To increase our effectiveness and ensure that our safety is not just a practice, but a culture, Trans-Utility services has adopted a Behavioral Based Safety Program (BBS) to empower our staff and embed safe work practices into everything we do.



BBS is a process that provides a higher level of safety excellence by promoting proactive responses, building ownership, and developing opportunities, which relate to employee safety.

A primary concept is that most accidents are due to unsafe behavior, and behavior changes may be made to reduce accident risk. Safe behaviors include following health and safety plans, using work practices that minimize risk, coaching others on safe behavior, and having safety as a priority over speed and convenience.


Trans-Utility Services recognizes that in order for BBS to work, each employee must hold safety as the highest value. Employees feel responsible for the safety of there coworkers as well as themselves.


At Trans Utility, we provide clearly defined safety expectations and enforce consequences for observed at-risk behavior. Most importantly, through employee observations and checklists, we provide positive feedback for safe behavior as well as intervene when observing at-risk behavior. We work as a team in all aspects of our projects - safety being the highest priority.



Trans-Utility Services has a well-established training program and a detailed safety manual.

To be effective, the program must be backed up with a comprehensive training and follow-up program. We must work constantly to ensure that our employees meet the standards of these manuals. This is achieved by an ongoing training program and close oversight of all operations. To ensure that the employees are educated with the very best safety awareness, our company has prepared a list of training areas that allow the most effective safety knowledge.


New hires are placed with a knowledgeable foreman and a team of experienced personnel. These workers will be given close supervision in there initial days of employment. New hires are scrutinized closely for there work habits, knowledge, attentiveness, and ability.

As each employee is ready to graduate into new areas of work or skills, additional specialized training and or apprenticing is continued. In addition, during the course of the year, all employees are frequently updated with safety topics through handouts, literature, special seminars, weekly tailgate meetings, and site-specific safety training. This provides the employees with a continuous opportunity to update their knowledge of safe work practices.

Employees are encouraged to submit suggestions and participate actively in the ongoing training and safety programs. Depending on the type of work being undertaken, we also avail ourselves to local and specialty training programs.


Each project will bring its own unique tasks and safety considerations.

Prior to commencing work on site, Trans Utility Services holds an in-house Pre-Job Meeting to review all aspects of the project. Based on the means and methods, a site-specific health and safety plan is discussed for specific concerns and procedures to be followed by all project employees and subcontractors.

Trans-Utility Services conducts a weekly operations meeting where health and safety concerns and issues are discussed. These concerns are also reviewed and discussed at the Daily Tailgate Meetings and Weekly Site Safety Meetings.


Trans-Utility Services is committed to having a workforce and a workplace free from unauthorized, prohibited, illegal or controlled substances, including alcohol. The policy on drugs and alcohol is a component of the health and safety program. The policy includes the following forms of testing:

-Pre-offer of employment


-Reasonable suspicion / cause testing

-Post incident accident testing

-Return to work testing

All employees are oriented on the substance abuse policy as part of their occupation health and safety orientation.


Our Daily Safety Meeting talks include subjects such as:

-Site Awareness 


-Confined Spaces


-Fall Protection

-Fire Prevention

-Hazardous Materials / MSDS Information


-Personal Protective  Equipment

-Power Tool Safety


-Thermal Exposure

-Equipment Awareness / Hazards