At Trans-Utility services, we provide a wide range of transformer testing utilizing Doble equipment and experienced technicians. Tests are done to commission or relocated units as a part of routine maintenance or condition assessments for diagnostics purposes and establishing benchmarks.


When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Trans-Utility.   We innovate.  We deliver. 


Trans-Utility Services was created to be an industry leader in transformer field services. In recent years, a lot haschanged – technology, governments, world economies, and the materials we use in our daily lives. But, one thing remains unchanged – our dedication to doing the best work in the world. We keep an old-fashioned attitude about work - that it needs to be done when we promise. That means relying on brilliant engineers and hardworking craftsmen working in tandem.

Here at Trans-Utility, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest of industry standards and we settle for nothing less than 100% service rating from our customers.

Trans-Utility Services has been careful not to sacrifice integrity for profit or gain. In all of our projects, Trans-Utility maintains both a goal oriented attitude and cost effectiveness while delivering quality service.  We promote innovative thinking while attempting to safely maximize speed of production; we are continually aware that time is money for most of our clients. Maintaining and prioritizing customer service implementations enables Trans-Utility to achieve steady growth year after year.

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Trans-Utility has an  experienced team of field service technicians and project managers that are available with the latest knowledge and equipment to handle your oil processing needs.

Trans-Utility can inspect your transformer at a port of entry, rail siding, substation site, or anywhere your unit is located. We can assemble all parts  and make your transformer operational.

Our highly experienced transformer field service technicians perform inspections, bushing replacements, regasketing, repairs, and upgrades.  


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